~~~~~Tun Tavern Plaque~~~~~
Representing the Birthplace of the Marine Corps, 12" x 18".
Available in weathered gray or walnut stain.  An "affidavit" is on the reverse side, "implying" it may have come from the actual building.
Aviator "Wings of Gold", Carved & Shaped in 2 sizes.

18" span.....$70.00.......
30" span.....$102.00.....
Combat Air Crew Wings, Carved & Shaped in 2 sizes.

18" span.....$95.00.....

30" span...$146.00.....
Iwo Jima plaque, 9"x12"
Antiqued weathered gray  finish.
Embedded in the ridgeline is genuine Black Sand
or Volcanic Ash from Mt. Suribachi.
9" x 12" Oval
Available in weathered gray or walnut finish.
First Name only is suggested.
The VN Service Ribbon is combined with
the silhouette of VietNam, embedded with soil
from Saigon.

Additional photos and information are regularily updated, and can be viewed by clicking the"Page 2" button.
Any custom info required will be covered with a personal e-mail.
A photo of your finished plaque will be e-mailed prior to shipping.
Each item can be ordered, using PayPal.

Thanks for your considerations.
$126.00 total,
for either finish.
$45.00 total......
$65 total.....
Since all my work is custom, nothing can be immediately shipped.
Most plaques are finished in 7 to 10 days.  
Should I not be able to fulfill that commitment,
a personal contact will be made with the details.
I've also chosen Priority Mailing with the U.S. Postal Service.  
They accept a PO Box, and deliver on Saturdays.
Even during rush periods, most plaques arrive within the country in 3 days.
I do not accept donations, but I provide custom work that may be
higher or lower in price than plaques shown on this website.
After all the details have been covered with separate e-mails,
Clicking this "DONATE" ( Sorry, but I cannot change the wording )
will provide a pop-up window for CUSTOM WORK.

Then enter the information required......................................................
Affixed to the
reverse side.
Optional Emblem
in Gold & Black
Marine Corps Ka-Bar
At 21" long, it's almost twice the size as the Real Deal.
Solid wood, but with the appearance of Parkerized Steel and Leather.
* My Marine uncle's Ka-Bar from WWII had the bent "tab"as a comfortable thumb-rest.
So I fashioned my issue that way, and all I make follow that Tradition.
With copy comparable with the samples shown,the same pricing is applied for all.
E-mail me with the desired copy before ordering, since there is no provision there.

$65.00, including shipping..........
All images are
Click on any for a larger
Corpsman of Marines
My previous renderings represented the subdued pin,
worn on the utility jacket.  I'm now producing this plaque,
better suited for the Honor Wall.
Overall size: 11+" wide & 12+" high
DET. 969
of America
CHAP 256

I've owned and operated my sign shop since late 1970,creating wood signs for commercial businesses.
In 2002, I scaled down my operations, specializing in plaques for Active Duty Military and Veterans.
Originally intended for personal decor,many have been used as awards and retirement gifts.
Only new wood from Georgia-Pacific is used,but everything is distressed to impart a look of heritage.
Most of my paints are made in Gary, Indiana.
All lettering and artwork is accomplished by hand,
with no decals, vinyl graphics, or computerized components.
Use the Page 2 Button for...
Civilian PLAQUES.
Wedding & Anniversary
Remembrance Plaques
& Law Enforcement
All pricing includes
Priority Mailing.
There are no
hidden extras.
with pride in
Marine Corps Emblem, 12"x12" overall; Globe is 6" diameter
* Name and Chevron are hand-lettered in Gold & Scarlet or Black.
Available in 5 background finishes, shown below, left to right:
Marine Green, Woodland Cammie, Forest MARPAT,  Desert MARPAT, & Natural Wood.
* It's suggested that a shortened name be used, due to the size of the Globe.  
Name & Chevron will be covered in a follow-up e-mail.
Located in the mountains of NE Tennessee
$70.00, including shipping..............
~~~~~  GOD BLESS  AMERICA ~~~~~
My VA has been doing a great job with my eye problems,
but I still have a lack of depth perception, so I'm not able to accomplish
the fine details represented on this website.
I'll be updating this site soon to better illustrate my current abilities,