This style has virtually no limitations.  Family Crests & Military Emblems make keepsakes for retirements or anniversaries.
Normally sized from 10-12" wide and 18-20" high, most are priced between $130.00 to $180.00.
The details required vary greatly, but a quote will be provided prior to any work.
Many were provided to the American Legion as fund-raisers, the proceeds used for the Memorial Fund.

Gold Star Family
These are not for sale.
They have already paid the price.

I will continue to provide these
as a Memorial.
Semper Fi Rose
for the Marine's Mother, Wife or Fiance'
Donated with honor to the
Wounded Warriors, Bethesda Naval Hospital
Donated with honor to the
Warriors in Transition
Walter Reed Army Hospital
Price Range, including shipping
Walnut Finish:
LCpl...$30   SgtMaj...$42

"A" Service or Dress Blues:
LCpl...$35   SgtMaj...$48
7 1/2 inches wide, height proportional to rank
Jump Wings with
"Bubble" or Combatant Diver
"DOC" on the right,
sharing Good Times
with the Marine.
It doesn't get any better
than this !
5" x 16" Carved
$65.00 each, includes shipping
10" x 16" Carved Pine
Navy & Marine.................................$125.00
Army, Air Force & Coast Guard...$145.00
Priority Mailing included
These samples cost $150-$300,  with provided Badges & Rank.
There are too many details that could be employed,
so that information will have to be covered by e-mails before pricing can be established.
There is often a lengthy delay in acquiring the metal-work,
so that should be considered when ordering.
One sample shown here required the owner to mount it because of that delay.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LAW ENFORCEMENT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WEDDING & ANNIVERSARY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
9" X 13-15"
Includes Shipping
I had a recent request to add the names of 4 children.
Having raised 3 sons and 3 daughters,
I've decided to add that option to these plaques.
It requires a larger plaque,
but there will be no extra charges.
Long Island
New York
Johnson City,
Unicoi, Tennessee
These plaques were not created for sale.
Their only purpose is to illustrate
what can be produced by hand.
Johnson City, Tennessee